Dentistry Compounding


Custom dental medications to enhance the patient’s office visit experience and help treat stubborn oral conditions

From gag reflexes to dental conditions to drug sensitivity to anxiety issues, all dental patients have unique needs-both in the office and at home. Custom dental medications can treat these issues comprehensively and make your patients feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Why compounding is ideal

for dentistry

Many people feel nervous at the dentist, even when experiencing a routine cleaning. More personalized care can ease nerves and improve patient experience, as well as:

  • Improve the taste of oral preparations without altering vital performance

  • Minimize discomfort during dental appointments with easy topical treatments to reduce gag reflex or anesthetize areas before injections

  • Develop more effective, innovative solutions using a greater range of pharmaceutical ingredients and dosages than found in the often limited commercially- available oral medicines and therapies

Our personalized dental medications treat a wide range of conditions
Burning Mouth Syndrome                Aphthous Ulcers, Canker Sores, & Oral Lesions                 Pain and Infection                Oral Lichen Planus                 Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder                Viral Lesions                Dry Mouth                 Chronic Mucositis                Stomatitis                Oral Thrush

HALDEY’s knowledgeable staff can create the ideal custom medication for any oral care issues faced by dentists and orthodontists