Pain Management Compounding


Custom medications more effectively treat complex pain

Pain is the most common symptom that causes patients to seek medical attention, and it is the most difficult to effectively treat with one-size-fits-all, mass-produced medications and doses. Every person experiences pain differently, even patients suffering from the same condition.

Why compounding is ideal

for pain management

Compounded medications make it uniquely possible to:

  • Avert side effects and systemic absorption through topical formulations of pain medications

  • Administer targeted, trigger-point application to provide pain relief exactly where it is needed

  • Minimize the risk of opioid abuse and dependence through topical alternatives that don’t produce the same narcotic “high”

  • Combine agents with different mechanisms to alter the sensation of pain in innovative formulations shown to be more effective at combatting chronic pain

  • Easily adjust the strength and dosage of individual drugs to match the patient’s needs and avoid over-medication

Many people in pain, especially chronic pain, can’t get sufficient relief from common commercially available medications. At HALDEY, we use novel mechanisms of action to help resolve even the most difficult conditions treated by pain management specialists.

Our personalized pain management medications address a wide range of difficult to treat conditions
Arthritis                Back pain                Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                Fibromyalgia                Migraines                Muscle Spasms                Neuropathic Pain                Post Herpetic Neuralgia                Shingles                Tennis Elbow                TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders)

HALDEY’s knowledgeable staff can create the ideal custom medication for even the most challenging pain management treatment issue