Fill a New Rx


Fill a New Rx

Welcome back! We are pleased to serve your health needs by filling a new prescription. To fill a new prescription, we require the original prescription in order to dispense your medication. To expedite your order, you may contact us via phone, mail, email, fax, or the below form with your physician’s name, and we will contact your physician to verify your request. You can then easily mail in your original prescription and/or bring it with you if picking up your medication in person. You can also stop by our pharmacy at any time to drop off the prescription directly.

Prefer to have your doctor work with us directly?

Your physician can:

  • Call in your Rx to Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding directly at 855-H-COMPOUND (855.426.6768)
  • Fax your Rx to 855-E-COMPOUND (855.326.6768) using the Prescription Order Template
  • Use our simple e-Scribe online portal